Three promising energy startups receive € 10.000

For the contestants in Startup Fast Track, last week was a crucial one. After following a three month programmeme in VentureLab North, they delivered their final pitch and business plan to the jury, for them to decide which startups will receive € 10.000.

After deliberations, taking into account several factors such as growth potential, entrepreneurial capacities and market size, the jury eventually selected three energy startups to advance to phase two of the business acceleration programmememe: Sustainable Buildings, SeaCurrent and Frog Energy. In this next round these Energy Startups receive more specialised coaching and € 10.000 in funding.

The winners
Sustainable Buildings makes office buildings more energy efficient using smart sensor technology and a cloud based platform to control lighting, PC’s and other energy consuming equipment accordingly.

SeaCurrent is a technology startup. They work to develop new and innovative technology for a sustainable and reliable energy supply from tidal and ocean currents, a promising field with great potential.

Frog Energy is a consultancy with an innovative business model to finance and realise energy savings in buildings and then share in the profits of the resulting cost savings, thereby creating long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with their partners.

More startups
Three other energy startups from Startup Fast Track also received a continuation of the programmememe. Reinventer, AutoJuice and Vederlicht will receive additional dedicated coaching to aid in their development.

Reinventer is developing a revolutionary energy and heat storage in the foundation of houses. Combining this subterranean heat storage with an innovative building method results in earthquake resistant, off-grid sustainable residential buildings.

AutoJuice aims to set up and manage public charging stations for electric vehicles and deliver these as a service to energy retailers and electric vehicle drivers. Users of electrical vehicles can charge their batteries using the energy retailer of their choice.

Vederlicht develops energy neutral and earthquake proof houses. By using materials such as extruded polystyrene foam they are able to build these houses making social housing a viable market.

Startups HollandIn Zon, STARK Learning, Green ID, Energy Annexis and Glice Innovaasje do not continue in the Startup Fast Track programmememe, however, they do remain a vital part of the network.

Follow up
Phase two of Startup Fast Track begins at the beginning of September. Also, a second edition of this energy business accelerator programmeme is in development, initiated bij ENGIE (GDF SUEZ) and Energy Academy Europe.



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