New group started

January 22 was the official start of the VentureLab International programmememe 2016 in Groningen. Entrepeneurs wishing to give their innovative businesses an impulse, students, any one with aspirations on being a high growth entrepreneur and willing to push there business idea during the year, can attend the VentureLab programmememe.

VentureLab International is a “one stop shop” programmeme aimed at supporting business growth. During the programmememe our goal is to prepare the (want-to-be) entrepeneurs and their business (idea) for national or international expansion. Their business can be in a pre-incubation phase (just have an idea) or the incubation phase (an opportunity and business plan), it may be in an early stage of development (a prototype and maybe even first sales) or have reached maturity. The common factor for all is recognition of the potential for high growth. The programmememe consists of coaching, training, and expert support on topics essential for developing business, including personal development plan and guidance in building a team.

Interested in joining our programmememe? You can apply for an intake here.