VentureClass “Hackerone: From Groningen to Global”

April 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Geertsemazaal, Academy Building
Broerstraat 5
9712 Groningen

With pleasure we announce the next VentureClass of 2017 on Thursday evening 20 April. For this VentureClass we have invited the speaker Jobert Abma, co-founder of Hackerone.



HackerOne is a crowdsourcing cybersecurity company that connects business with hackers. Hackers try to find weaknesses in security systems and get rewarded with ‘bug bounties’.                      The company was started by Jobert Abma and Michiel Prins, who thought they could do more with their hacking skills than breaking into school computers. First, they started hacking for local businesses, but soon things took off when they started the ‘Hack 100’. The two hackers made a list of 100 multinationals and started finding vulnerabilities in their systems, contacting them with the results. This brought them costumers like Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, General Motors.

Hackerone has raised more than €72 million in funds spread over three investment rounds. The main office is located in San Francisco, however, they stay true to their Dutch roots with the Groningen office. As of February 2017, the company has 100.000 hackers working for them with €17 million in distributed bounties, making them the largest cybersecurity company of its kind.

Join us if you want to learn more about the story behind Hackerone


Jobert Abma

Jobert Abma is the co-founder of HackerOne, a crowdsourced cybersecurity company, together with his childhood friend Michiel Prins. At an early age, they gained an interest in coding and hacking, and began hacking for companies before they started their study. Jobert Abma left his home town Drachten in the Dutch province of Friesland to study technical computer science at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the city of Groningen. Not much later, he relocated to Silicon Valley, where the company is now working to ensure cyber security for large multinationals.The VentureClass will conclude with a Q&A where Jobert will be able to answer your questions.



07:00 p.m. Doors open
07:30 p.m. Welcome & introduction VentureLab International (by Aard Groen)
08:00 p.m. VentureClass
09:30 p.m. Networking drinks

We look forward to welcoming you on 20 April!



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