VentureClass – Reducept

October 22, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Online - Bluejans


In the Netherlands alone nearly 3 million people live with chronic pain. A huge potential market. One that Reducept founders Louis Zantema and Margryt Fennema are taking by storm. Reducept is a virtual reality training for chronic pain treatment. With chronic pain, using medication might not be your favorite solution. The good thing is, you brain can be trained to decrease the pain itself. All the pain you feel, is made in the brain. The Reducept Method focusses directly at the brain. As a patient a person can train their brain to send out less pain signals, and experience less pain. The Reducept Method functions like a gym for the brain, without having to leave home. By exercising regularly, a person can teach their brain to increase control and reduce pain. Train towards a ‘muscular’ brain that has more grip on your pain in the long term!


Louis Zantema

In 2017 when Louis Zantema met Margryt Fennema, he was a psychologist at Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, where he gave training at the pain outpatient clinic. Together Louis and Margryt saw the possibilities of developing a tool to help more than just these patients, and started to develop their method, together with the patients. Nowadays Louis is the Chief Science Officer at Reducept and he will join us to share the story of Reducept.



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