Softlanding is trendy

While I was writing this blog my colleague “Rob” was in Indonesia, my neighbor passenger “Senta” was preparing for a backpacking tour in New Zealand and Asia and I was approaching North Carolina (USA) where one of the VentureLab participants presented his company “SolMateS” in a worldwide conference on the commercialization of micro- and nano-systems. Worldwide presence no longer is restricted to large multinational companies, governmental leaders and scientists. All of us enlarge our scope. As tourists or backpacker, we get a personal experience on global diversities and at the same time, our community at home is also multi-culturalizing.

Young, small and medium-sized technology-based companies also have to cope with a global marketplace. Having limited resources they are open for support and easy access. Apart from existing support mechanisms like trade missions, fairs and agents, new way’s of internationalization are coming up.


    • * VentureLab participant Euro dev, the

European Business Development Group

    This fast growing company is specialized in facilitating medium-sized US companies to get full access to the European market.
    • *

Embedded coaching: Via this initiative, high tech companies in Twente get a few months residence in Silicon Valley with the support of a coach who introduces the entrepreneurs in the local business community in other to find clients and local representatives.

    • *Softlanding incubation. The largest global incubator association (NBIA) started several years ago with a designation of members as a softlanding incubator
    • Recently also the European Business & innovation center Network (EBN) started a soft landing club
    • One of the first NBIA soft landing incubators in

Europe was VentureLab International

    • Besides their existing incubator services as training, coaching, networking, and office space VentureLab International provide entrepreneurs from abroad support in acquiring visa and housing, dealing with another language and culture and local different legal and tax systems. Venturelab soft lander Pramod Agrawal (Ecolabs) from India explains to a group of interested potential entrepreneurs from 20 nationalities about his soft landing experience in Twente, see a short

Facilitating entrepreneurship in a global market place doesn’t end here! Of that I am sure.