Update: Canceled – VentureClass ‘From student enterprise to game changer’

June 23, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
van Swinderen Huys
Oude Boteringestraat 19
9712 GC Groningen

Unfortunately tonight’s VentureClass is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Jeroen Elkhuizen en Belsimpel.nl

Belsimpel.nl is a webshop for mobile phones and contracts. Jeroen Doorenbos and Jeroen Elkhuizen founded the company at the end of 2006 from their student room in Groningen. There they started their mission to change the ‘mobile world’. Now in 2016, Belsimpel.nl and all its business units are still located in Groningen, where 200 colleagues work hard every day for Belsimpel.nl’s customers.

Belsimpel.nl is changing the mobile world and it becomes apparent from a number of things. In 2015 the number of physical stores grew from 1 to 7 stores in just 6 months. With these stores Belsimpel.nl now has nationwide network of stores, with one always nearby. In 2016 Belsimpel.nl introduced ‘Abonnement Zonder Gedoe’ (Contract Without a Fuss), completely eliminating the hassle of paper contracts, working with a digital version and signature via iDeal.

Belsimpel.nl has already transformed the telecom market, but is not nearly done, and many innovations are underway

During the VentureClass Jeroen Elkhuizen will take you along the developments that Belsimpel.nl has gone through from student enterprise to a game changer in its field.


The VentureClass will end with a Q&A session where Jeroen is available to answer your questions.



  • 7.00 p.m.: Doors open & coffee
  • 7.30 p.m.: VentureClass
  • 9.30 p.m.: Networking drinks

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