New Trends crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

There’s definitely a great deal of excitement about the best way the startups can benefit your crowdfunding and rightly so, if you take a look at how much the crowdfunding industry has increased in 2012. Yet another phenomenon, crowdsourcing, has also increased significantly over the last years, and with that at heart, MBA Resources website has presented five good reasons why companies and organizations really should take a good look at crowdsourcing.  The most important reasons why businesses should check out Crowdsourcing are:

  • to save money,
  • to save time,
  •  to innovate, to increase customer satisfaction and
  •  to scale up.

Another way of crowdsourcing is turning to consumer feedback for generating new content or products. For example, you might ask website visitors for their opinion about online courses versus traditional classes. If you summarize the outcome of your survey you will be able to create interesting, original content and maybe  a new product.

To better illustrate the idea, they came up with this infographic along with some cases-in-point: