How is your entrepreneurial DNA?

You can find a good amount of misconceptions hanging around, boosted by icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, that you should be in your 20’s, and include a rigorous way of thinking and a huge ego. But, as outlined by a comprehensive study carried out by a startup incubator, these people are merely outliers.

During the past three years, the Founder Institute made employment candidates conduct a series of character and skills examinations. Subsequently it monitored those candidates, over 15,000 test-takers, as their particular startups started out. The objective: discover whether any kind of personal characteristics could be matched to profit improvement and market traction.

The outcome? As you are able to see in this infographic, the greatest entrepreneurs are usually those who have prior work experience in their discipline, developing important real-world know-how and expertise for a decade or longer.

Other characteristics appear slightly more evident: you must be open-minded, flexible and ready to react in a split second. You have to be friendly, you do not require IQ in the way it is generally assessed, but what you must have is the capability to identify patterns.

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