Crowdfunding Now and in the Future

Crowdfunding by definition is “the process of financing an activity or endeavor by way of generating lots of modest sums of capital from a huge number of persons, generally by using the Internet”.

We seem to be in a constant recession wave so nowadays startups are under huge pressure to remain profitable, and business owners are not going through the best of times. Crowdfunding creates a good possibility for success for this kind of entrepreneurs and businesses, by displaying their initiatives and assignments to the whole global community. The infographic shown below designed by Eventstir, events crowdfunding service, gives an excellent review of the global crowdfunding arena. It includes broad subject areas, such as the total amount of funds generated and platform explanation by region, along with specific parts of the world, together with the greatest platforms and ventures.

Did you know that VentureLab International is also present on Symbid,  a Dutch crowdfunding company? Check our Symbid group here. 


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