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Social media & Information retrieval for venture development

Entrepreneurs often have to deal with new and ill-defined product concepts, whose context of use is still poorly understood and whose commercial applications are not fully explored yet. Relevant, up to date and rapid information on a broad range of strategic topics such as competitors, potential customers, potential marketing activities, regulatory information, vendors and procurement, […]

Founder’s Dilemma

• In a study involving 212 US start-Ups… • 50% of the founders were no longer the CEO after 3 years of firm creation • Less than 25% of the founders were occupying CEO positions during IPO • Four out of five founder-CEOs were forced step down Most entrepreneurs are keen to make a lot […]

Softlanding is trendy

While I was writing this blog my colleague “Rob” was in Indonesia, my neighbor passenger “Senta” was preparing for a backpacking tour in New Zealand and Asia and I was approaching North Carolina (USA) where one of the VentureLab participants presented his company “SolMateS” in a worldwide conference on the commercialization of micro- and nano-systems. […]

How to raise your chances for acquiring finance: get ‘investor ready’

In practice, it is not easy to acquire a substantial investment in your venture when assets are lacking. You desperately need funds to finance your growth plans, to expand or sometimes even to survive. How to act? The investor casino, a 1% chance to get funded. As banks become more and more strict and reduce […]

The myth of the Generation Einstein

Conventional wisdom suggests that Generation Y, also known as Millenials and widely known in Holland as Generation Einstein following the book of Boschma and Groen, are among other things Media Smart: “Since they were babies, they have been confronted with the media – they understand advertising and have become the ultimate experts. They only need […]

How to create significant change for sustainable business growth?

You know what the market wants from you as an entrepreneur, but do you know who you are and what you want? The Business Development Program of Venture Lab targets technology based companies ranging from a start up phase up to business growth acceleration.  This stresses the fact that business development is a process of […]

Will Social Media marketing be outdated in just a few years?

A recent survey revealed that advertising and marketing executives ranked “Social Media” as the most annoying industry buzzword.[1] I believe that this is probably caused by a lack of understanding of how Social Media fit in the company and in its media efforts towards customers. In fact, I believe that many organisations (including those specialized […]

Interesting news for SMEs: Social Networking is a successful strategy

First published here on the Social Media Marketing blog of Dr E. Constantinides (Efthymios). According to a just published study of Regus Media Center the adoption of social networking as business strategy by SMEs is growing: the main findings of the study: •Social Networks are now actively used by between half and three quarters of […]

Why should your business exist?

Whether you develop a new business or lead an existing one, its all about the money. Or is it? As the industrialist Henry Ford reminded us a long time ago, “A business that makes nothing but money, is a poor kind of business”. I full-heartedly agree and think this remark bears even more value today […]

Developing a Company inside a “Kiretsu” Network

Entrepreneurs create value. Or at least that is the idea. Scalability is the key to create this value. This should be done by making clever use of networks, and not by controlling everything yourself. Make use of the best skills of others, focus on your own “differentiating skills and ideas”. Triangle of value creation The […]