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Venturelab International Holding BV assists universities, companies and governments in their development to become more entrepreneurial. For universities this entails the development of entrepreneurship support, education and research. For companies strategic development towards new markets and/or new technologies including coaching, training and consultancy.

Venturelab International accelerator method has been developed by the teams of prof. Aard Groen at the University of Twente and University of Groningen and has shown to work well in hundreds of very early stage startup teams in Enschede, Apeldoorn, and Groningen. Dozens of participants got venture capital, 30% of which have women in the entrepreneurial team. Moreover, prof. Groen and his team supported several universities with education, training and advise among which universities in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, India, Cyprus, South Africa, Brasil, Argentina, and China. Several large companies in the Netherlands and China, have been served in programs on corporate entrepreneurship programs.

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We have received great support from VentureLab in the form of network meetings and training sessions. Each networking opportunity offers a chance to establish contact with other entrepreneurs to share ideas.

Elisa Gielen and Paul Jenkins



VentureLab brought all of this together for me in one environment. I acquired new knowledge, learned from best practises, and met a variety of inspiring professionals from various fields and levels of experience.

Jos Koenders

Thermo Comb


I realized that I would need more than my technical background alone in order to succeed in business. With the support of VentureLab Twente, I was able to fine tune the business concept for Trade-Base from marketing and strategy perspective.

Dennis Doubovski

Social Mining