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The VentureLab consists of 3 daughter companies: VentureLab North, VentureLab Apeldoorn and VentureLab Twente. We offer a research-based business development programme for technology-based startups and are a business growth accelerator for well-established high-tech companies.

Our approach jump-starts and provides sustainable growth for long-standing companies and young businesses which aim to grow further and more rapidly. We can offer this in a proven (two hundred participants) one year programme. Or as modular to tailor made programme that can be constructed to fit your campany’s specific needs. VentureLab International is also developing programmes in Greece and Russia. Read more.

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What we do

Training, expert coaching and workshops are courses aimed at entrepreneurs who participate in VentureLab, they make participants knowledgeable about, and competent in the functional roles, tasks and responsibilities during the progressive phases of business development.
is an online “toolset” for entrepreneurs, investors and business accelerators. The VentureLab trainings are exactly aligned with that. The tool-set is based on scientific research in collaboration with the University of Twente and has been validated by more than 850 entrepreneurs, investors, experts and business incubation and business acceleration professionals. The Golden Egg Check allows an entrepreneur to work on two important things for an innovative company with growth potential:

  • Building a sustainable business and value creation
  • Become “’investor ready” and find investors.
These are free networking evenings with an inspirational speaker.. For current VentureClasses, please check our agenda an click here to check previous speakers of VentureLab Classes

What other participants say..

Business development is the most difficult thing around. The coach and expert coaches of VentureLab were worth their weight in gold. They made us aware of our strengths and showed us how to meet our growth targets.
Mark de Vries , EuroDev
Our first idea was to enter the market for solar and wind energy in order to capitalize on the growing industry. Partially based on the feedback that we received in business-panel presentations of VentureLab, we decided to take better advantage of our current business activities.
Doeko Welp , A.L.S. Groningen
We have received great support from VentureLab in the form of network meetings and training sessions. Each networking opportunity offers a chance to establish contact with other entrepreneurs to share ideas.
Elisa Gielen and Paul Jenkins , TinyEYE
Knowledge is our core business. And our knowledge could make us global market leader. The expertise and network provided by VentureLab are valuable tools that will help us on our journey.
Erik-Jan de Hoon Kryoz, Kryoz
Demand for my products is growing fast, but I don’t know anything about the business side. They have fast, practice-based methods for teaching this at VentureLab. It’s the best university around.
Jos Stuyver , OrthoPharma
The contact between the participants made VentureLab particularly valuable. There’s always someone ready to think along with you and help you on your way.
Ellen Grünefeld, Werelds
Together with the coach, we devised a business model for our new product eMagiz. He was excellent; we are now ready to market our product.
Rob ter Brugge, CapeGroep
You meet a lot of highly-motivated, inspiring people at VentureLab. You learn a lot, partly thanks to the coaches. It’s a relatively small investment, but with high returns.
Bert Otter , Climber
I would never have developed my product like this without VentureLab. The coach is invaluable, as are the discussions with fellow-participants. You are constantly thinking up new ideas.
Gerrit Hillebrand, Fairwater
The comprehensive range of courses and coaching puts VentureLab ahead of the field. The tone is down-to-earth. And the network is invaluable.
Rob van den Nieuwboer, Holland Hydraulics
VentureLab helps you to expect the unexpected. To execute new opportunities in big and better ways.
Subhangi Jadhav, Muzikool
VentureLab’s strength is the fact that it supports you in every aspect. Both in developing your ideas, and putting them into practice.
Peter Giesselink, Progib



Paul Wielink of Accoris will meet entrepreneurs every 3rd Thursday of the month. Registration via this link
The Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS), University of Twente (NL) and the Merrick School of Business of the University of Baltimore (USA) are pleased to announce the 3rd Effectuation Research and Teaching Conference. It takes place on December 8-9, 2014, Enschede, The Netherlands.

During two days, scientists involved in research and teaching will come together and discuss the development of effectuation research and pedagogy. The conference has a relaxed atmosphere consisting of a mix of interactive presentations, paper workshops, social events and informal discussions.

Professor Saras Sarasvathy (Darden Business School, University of Virginia) will co- host this conference in her capacity as initial proponent of effectuation.

The registration fee for the conference is just EUR150. To keep the interactive and community atmosphere of the previous conference, participation will be limited to 50 participants.

For information you may contact Jeroen Kraaijenbrink j.kraaijenbrink@utwente.nl,

http://effectuationconference.wordpress.com/ @effectuating

The first group of entrepreneurs began the weekly training, coaching, and additional activities offered in VentureLab North to entrepreneurs and businesses with growth ambitions. VentureLab North is located in the “Van Elmpthuis” building, Groningen.

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