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The Venturelab program is a good example of a method we developed. It is a research-based business development program for technology-based startups from very early stage on and also a business growth accelerator for well-established high-tech companies.

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The VentureLab concept is grounded on more than 25 years of practical and research experience in business development support. The key to launching a company on the market as effectively as possible is not only the idea, but also all the entrepreneurial competences that form the basis of a successful business operation.

To move from idea (opportunity recognition) to business model (opportunity preparation), to running a fast growing, technology-based business (opportunity exploitation), many steps are required. These steps are impossible for one person to envisage, coordinate and take. Building a business, let alone a fast growing company, is teamwork.

Our approach jump-starts and provides sustainable growth for long-standing companies and young businesses which aim to grow further and more rapidly. Our clients are -mostly- technology and education based start-ups and established firms that want to accelerate their business growth.


In VentureLab you get regular trainings, support network and matching expert and process coaches.

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We have received great support from VentureLab in the form of network meetings and training sessions. Each networking opportunity offers a chance to establish contact with other entrepreneurs to share ideas.

Elisa Gielen and Paul Jenkins



VentureLab brought all of this together for me in one environment. I acquired new knowledge, learned from best practises, and met a variety of inspiring professionals from various fields and levels of experience.

Jos Koenders

Thermo Comb


I realized that I would need more than my technical background alone in order to succeed in business. With the support of VentureLab Twente, I was able to fine tune the business concept for Trade-Base from marketing and strategy perspective.

Dennis Doubovski

Social Mining