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VentureLab International

VentureLab International offers a research-based, business development programme. Our clients are -mostly- technology based start-ups and established firms that want to accelerate their business growth. There are two locations: Groningen (VentureLab North) and Apeldoorn (VentureLab Apeldoorn).

Our approach jump-starts and provides sustainable growth for long-standing companies and young businesses which aim to grow further and more rapidly. We can offer this in a proven (two hundred participants) one year programme. Or as modular to tailor made programme that can be constructed to fit your campany’s specific needs. VentureLab International is also developing programmes in Greece and Russia.

VentureLab International has supported 235 start-ups and other companies. In doing so we helped create 2000 new jobs.

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What is VentureLab International

We offer business development support for technology-based start-ups and we are a business growth accelerator for high-tech well-established companies. Since 2009, we have supported 235 start-ups and other companies. In doing so we helped create 2000 new jobs.
This model describes the critical factors required to do business successfully. It was developed by NIKOS, the University of Twente’s Expertise Centre for Technology-based Entrepreneurship.
Our business development programme gives you access to fifty hours of coaching, weekly training sessions on diverse subjects, experts on diverse subjects and progress monitoring.

Our Upcoming Events


Paul Wielink of Accoris will meet entrepreneurs every 3rd Thursday of the month. Registration via this link
The Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (NIKOS), University of Twente (NL) and the Merrick School of Business of the University of Baltimore (USA) are pleased to announce the 3rd Effectuation Research and Teaching Conference. It takes place on December 8-9, 2014, Enschede, The Netherlands.

During two days, scientists involved in research and teaching will come together and discuss the development of effectuation research and pedagogy. The conference has a relaxed atmosphere consisting of a mix of interactive presentations, paper workshops, social events and informal discussions.

Professor Saras Sarasvathy (Darden Business School, University of Virginia) will co- host this conference in her capacity as initial proponent of effectuation.

The registration fee for the conference is just EUR150. To keep the interactive and community atmosphere of the previous conference, participation will be limited to 50 participants.

For information you may contact Jeroen Kraaijenbrink j.kraaijenbrink@utwente.nl,

http://effectuationconference.wordpress.com/ @effectuating

The first group of entrepreneurs began the weekly training, workshops and coaching offered in North VentureLab for entrepreneurs and businesses with growth ambitions. VentureLab North is located in Launch Cafe, Groningen

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What other participants say..

VentureLab has helped me. It has given me other ideas. Originally I thought of a consultancy company that works on an hourly basis. Here I learned to think in a more product and market oriented way.
Sabih Gerez , Bibix
There is a very open atmosphere, people bounce ideas off each other and you’re constantly brainstorming. The atmosphere is dynamic and I feel richer for the experience.
Wim Albersen, Wixx
The thing that makes VentureLab so effective is that the advice and ideas come from experienced entrepreneurs. And that you take time to consider them. This allows you to make better decisions.
Rene Steffens & Helga Nakken