Our Participants Successes

Our Participants Successes: we helped 326 startups, and created 3062 jobs

Get inspired by our participants stories. A series of 9 booklets in which programme participants share their experiences. Click here

VentureLab International

The VentureLab operates at two locations: VentureLab North in Groningen and  VentureLab East in Enschede.

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 Read more about VentureLab East  Read more about VentureLab North

We offer a research-based business development programme for technology-based startups and are a business growth accelerator for well-established high-tech companies.

Our approach jump-starts and provides sustainable growth for long-standing companies and young businesses which aim to grow further and more rapidly. We can offer this in a proven (three hundred participants) one year programme. Or as modular to a tailor-made programme that can be constructed to fit your company’s specific needs.

VentureLab International is also developing programmes in Greece and Russia. Read more.